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Emergency Nurse Call System


Emergency Nurse Call System

Mircom’s EC-300 system meets the demands of modern health care facilities. The simple operation of Mircom’s EC-300 makes it easy to use without the need for extensive training.

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Long Description

A basic system consists of patient calling stations, emergency calling stations, a central nurse station, dome lights with possible central corridor horns and duty stations.

Emergency calls are placed from designated EC-103/115 Pull/Push Cord stations which are distinctly identifi ed by the fl ashing suite dome light and central annunciator suite LED. The Central Nurse’s station will sound a fast pulsing alert tone and trigger any corridor horns that are connected.

All tones may be silenced but the alarm can only be reset from the station that initiated the call. If the nurse fails to respond to the call within a preset period, the tones will re-initiate.

Normal calls are placed from a Call Station which are distinctly identifi ed by the slow fl ashing suite dome light and central annunciator LED. Similar silencing capabilities for emergency calls are provided for normal calls.

When duty stations are used, the system may be remotely silenced and monitored for alarm calls.


  • UL 1069 Listed
  • Multiple Audible/Visual Alarm States
    Three alarm conditions are available on the EC-300 system; fast, slow and steady. Each can be programmed for distinguishing calls for Emergency, Normal Patient calls or Door Alarm
  • Remote Duty Stations
    Remote Duty Stations may be added to the system to provide signal silence and remote alarm annunciation
  • Subsequent Alarm
    Using Mircom’s EC-103 Pull Cord Stations, it is possible to silence an alarm call and have subsequent alarms re-trigger the audible alarm
  • Dry Alarm Contracts
    Dry Contacts are available for central peripheral alarm devices
  • Remote Signalling and Control Outputs
    Connections can be made to the central control unit to remotely annunciate alarm calls and initiate signal silence
  • Modular Design Easily expandible, the EC-300 system uses addon annunciator panels. The modular construction easily facilitates custom applications

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EC-300 Front   

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EC-300 Front (Large)   


Phone: 905-660-4655 (Extension 3)

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