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Founded in 1991, Mircom is a global designer, manufacturer and distributor of Intelligent Building Solutions. Our vision is to make buildings worldwide safer, smarter, and more livable.

As North America’s largest independent designer, manufacturer and distributor of life safety equipment, our focus is on the needs of our customers and their requirements in the marketplace. The Mircom Group of Companies (Mircom) will be at your side to ensure your fire alarm, communication and security solutions are delivered to the highest standards - on-time and on-budget.

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Mircom provides a variety of life safety and security services as well as selling all Mircom equipment. Our technicians are certified with either the Canadian Fire Alarm Association or the National Institute for Certification in Engineering Technologies.

We can work with you so that your equipment meets all relevant codes and standards and is well maintened

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New from Mircom

  • Mircom Launches OpenBAS
    Mircom Launches OpenBAS Mircom’s OpenBAS (Building Automation System) offers a wide variety of UL/ULC listed controllers and supporting accessories that can be easily integrated into any industrial, commercial, or residential application. OpenBAS delivers HVAC, Lighting, Power Metering, and VAV Fan and Coil control…
  • Mircom Launches New TX3 Configurator Software v2.8.14 and Firmware v2.4.x & v3.4.x
    Mircom Launches New TX3 Configurator Software v2.8.14 and Firmware v2.4.x & v3.4.x The Mircom Group of Companies is excited to announce the launch of its latest version of the TX3 Configurator Software and Firmware. The TX3 series line of products includes all Mircom communication and security devices. The new version of the…
  • Mircom Launches OpenGN v3.3
    Mircom Launches OpenGN v3.3 OpenGN (Open Graphic Navigator) is an advanced, PC-based, Integrated System Graphic Annunciator. OpenGN provides centralized Life Safety Systems/Mass Notification network annunciation with real-time event notification, historical event logging, report generation, and control of multiple panel networks and devices. With the…
  • Mircom Introduces 400 Series LED Notification Appliances
    Mircom Introduces 400 Series LED Notification Appliances Mircom's new 400 Series LED Notification Appliances offer an audible/visual solution that delivers exceptional energy efficiency in a compact design. Utilizing advanced LED technology, the Mircom 400 Series LED Notification Appliances provide a lower current draw which allows for more…

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Our focus is on meeting your needs. We develop products in conjunction with our clients so we know they will meet your needs. Mircom maintains complete command of the product development process, from concept to finished deliverables. Our in-house research & development teams are focused on developing advanced hardware and innovative software products incorporating significant technological advancements.

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