OpenGN - 2013 Edison Award Nominee

Mircom's OpenGN solution won the 2013 Gold Edison Award for Smart Systems. Find out why.


Mircom's OpenGN release is now available for download.  We invite you to use our software to evaluate its feature set and functionality.  Please provide us with feedback so that we can improve your software experience as we make continued improvements prior to our official launch.  If you sign up for our release program, we will continue to inform you of updates and or enhancements as they become available.

OpenGN System Overview

Open Graphic Navigator (OpenGN) software provides a PC-based monitoring solution for the Fire Alarm Protection Industry.  It’s OPEN nature makes it a great fit for many other markets as well including security, building management, and asset management and protection.

OpenGN is very easy to use with a visual configuration utility that uses industry standard formats for building layouts imported as .SVG graphics, .PNG, .JPGs, Bitmaps or other for fast setup of real-time building monitoring.  XML-based configuration and event reporting introduces a standardized interface for communicating with the software, and event notification is provided via a simple to setup email/mass notification interface.  OpenGN can be used in any number of facilities including commercial/industrial properties, hotels, hospitals, high-rise residential, and campus environments.

OEMs, Developers, and Integrators

OpenGN is an open platform for surfacing information about your building system technology. Our development team can teach you how to develop your own adapter to connect your back end system to our front end software.

The adapter is a simple interface that uses XML and Web Services to connect any system seamlessly to OpenGN. Report events and monitor or control any of the following building systems:

  • OEM Fire Alarm Control Panels
  • Security Systems
  • Lighting Control Systems
  • Energy Management Systems
  • HVAC Controllers
  • Access Control Systems
  • Time & Attendance Systems

Feeling creative? Try integrating OpenGN with:

  • IT Asset Management
  • Retail Store Product Management
  • Way Finding Software
  • Building Navigation System
  • Warehouse & Inventory Control
  • And more!...

Contact Mircom to learn how OpenGN is a great fit with your building system technology.


The Ultimate Building Automation Solution using BACNet

OpenGN has native support for the BACnet standard. This means that OpenGN can be used for complete facility monitoring of electrical systems. Using our intuitive device learning and device placement methodology makes setting up systems simple and fast.

To learn more about MGC’s BACNet offerings click here.

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