Win the Bid with integrated Building Systems from Mircom

As a Specifying Engineer, we know that you work under a lot of pressure and straying from the regular supplier you specify is seen as a risky move.

Specifying Mircom solutions is a safe and reliable choice. Our solutions are sold in over 100 counties, making buildings safer, smarter, and more livable.

Whether it’s a commercial building in Houston, a university campus in the Middle East, a nuclear plant in Mexico, or a hospital in North America, Mircom has the expertise and full product portfolio to deliver code compliant and leading edge technology.

Here’s why Mircom is a safe and reliable choice for specifying: (Click on the buttons below)

Meet Global Codes
& Standards

Industry Expertise

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Industry Expertise

Specifying Engineers

Mircom solutions meet global codes and standards:

  • Underwriters Laboratories (UL)
  • Factory Mutual (FM)
  • MEA
  • CSA
  • City of Chicago Certification
  • Industry Canada
  • Federal Communications Commission (FCC)

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Integrated Building Systems Knowledge

Specifying Engineers

Bring us into your project as early as possible, and you'll access industry expertise combined with deep product knowledge.

If we are involved early enough to review the architectural renderings, our team is happy to provide design input, help identify potential challenges, and suggest cost optimizations to develop a more comprehensive plan.

If you are not sure which system will best suit your needs, our sales team will be happy to demonstrate systems functionality and answer any questions. Through all the projects we’ve successfully completed, we’ve proved that we have the expertise to tackle your project.

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Easy to Access Product Information

Specifying Engineers

All required product information is easily found on each product page in our Products section.

Whether you are looking for general systems content or specific product information to include in your documentation, all product-related content is accessible through our product catalog.

In addition to a web-based version we also have iOS (Apple) and Android apps available to make your life easier.

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