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Fire-Link II

Fire-Link II

Fire-Link II

The advanced fire alarm notification signaling device for building retrofits.

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Long Description

Fire-Link II is a complete audibility upgrade solution, utilizing a revolutionary new power-line communications technology that signals through the buildings existing AC Power electrical wiring.

This advanced fire alarm notification signaling device has a fully addressable and supervised 87 dBA in-suite device "mini-horn" that can be installed anywhere there is an AC outlet.

The Fire-Link II system attaches to any existing Fire Alarm Control Panel and is a CSFM and UL / ULC listed Fire Signaling System, created to meet NFPA72 standards for the purpose of overcoming audibility issues prevalent in older multi-unit residential buildings.

Order Information

Main control panel for Fire-Link II network

Plug-in, addressable, audible in-suite warning device with strobe

Plug-in, addressable, audible in-suite warning device without strobe

Self-contained module that couple Fire-Link II signals over multiple phases of power lines. Easily connect to electrical distribution panels



Installation Advantages

  • No cutting, coring, drilling, drywall repair or painting required
  • Minimizes installation labour; most installs can be completed in one or two days
  • Minimizes disruption and access issues to tenant/owner occupancies. In-suite installation time takes only 10 minutes
  • Compatibility with all manufacturers' fire alarm systems means no need to upgrade or replace the existing fire alarm panel

Technical Advantages

  • Exceeds minimum standards set by UL, ULC and NFPA
  • Point-by-point addressing for ease of installation and troubleshooting
  • Simple programming at the control panel or via your laptop
  • Interconnected to main fire alarm system via relay or existing/dedicated bell circuit
  • Works as an accessory to the main fire alarm system; in alarm state, no user intervention is required

Ownership Advantages

  • Integrated testing feature able to test each dive from the control panel so you don't have to enter resident's suite
  • This lowers maintenance, testing and inspection times
  • In event of tampering or problem with device, the location of the unit will be displayed on the control panel screen, saving you time


Phone: 905-660-4655 (Extension 3)

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