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MIX-COSAP Advanced Fire/CO Detector


MIX-COSAP Advanced Fire/CO Detector

The MIX-COSAP Advanced Multi-Criteria Fire/CO Detector is a plug-in, addressable device that provides both fire and carbon monoxide (CO) detection.

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Long Description

For fire, the detector combines four separate sensing elements in one unit (smoke, CO, light/flame, and heat) to sense multiple components of a fire. This approach enables enhanced sensitivity to real fire with heightened immunity to nuisance particulate. For CO, the detector’s electrochemical sensing cell creates a separate signal for life safety CO detection.

Released through the incomplete burning of various fuels, CO is a colorless, odorless and deadly gas that is virtually impossible to detect with the human senses. Because the potential exists for dangerous levels of CO to accumulate in almost any building, legislation mandating the use of CO detection in commercial spaces continues to increase across the U.S. and Canada. The MIX-COSAP is listed to the UL 2075 standard for system-connected life safety carbon monoxide monitoring.

The MIX-COSAP can only be used in conjunction with the APB200 or APB200-LF intelligent sounder bases, which can generate either a Temp 3 pattern for fire or a Temp 4 pattern for CO alarm indication. The APB200-LF low frequency sounder base is designed to meet the NFPA 72 sleeping space requirement to produce a fundamental frequency of 520 Hz +/– 10% with a square wave or its equivalent.

The APB200/APB-200-LF recognize the System Sensor synchronization protocol. This enables it to be used as a component of the general evacuation signal, along with other System Sensor horns, horn strobes, and chimes, when connected to a power supply or Fire Alarm Control Panel (FACP) output capable of generating the System Sensor synchronization pulses. With each sounder base carrying a unique address, the FACP can then command an indvidual sounder, or a group of sounders, to activate. The command set from the panel can be tailored to the specific event, allowing selection of volume, tone, and group.

Mircom’s Advanced Protocol (AP) devices use a high speed communication protocol that greatly increases the speed of communication between the intelligent devices. Mircom’s Advanced Protocol uses a superior group polling method as well as an interrupt feature that provide for a faster response to an alarm condition. In addition, the Advanced Protocol allows for greater system capacity with support for up to 318 devices per SLC circuit. The AP devices are backwards compatible to operate in CLIP mode for legacy system applications.

Ordering Information

MIX-COSAP Advanced Multi-Criteria Fire/CO Detector Add suffix “A” for ULC model
APB200 Intelligent Sounder Base (UL listed)
APB200-LF Intelligent Low Frequency Sounder Base (UL listed)
APB200COA Intelligent Sounder Base. Includes CO detector markings in English and French (ULC listed)

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  • Unique ability to detect all four major elements of a fire
  • Separate CO detection signal
  • Highest nuisance alarm immunity
  • Automatic drift compensation of smoke sensor and CO cell
  • RealTest® CO testing capability
  • UL 268 and UL 2075 listed
  • Separates audible signal for fire or CO alarm when used with the APB200 bases
  • CO cell end-of-life warning and fault
  • Compatible with Mircom’s FleX-NetTM Series Control Units with firmware version 12.0 or higher, operating in AP mode; CLIP mode is not supported


Phone: 905-660-4655 (Extension 3)

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