FX-3500 Training Registration

Start Date: 00/00/0000   End Date: 00/00/0000

Max Spot: 8   Max Spot Per Company: 4

To take training for the FX-3500 you must first fill out the form on this page.

After your payment ($750 CDN) has been received you will be given the password to take the online training. Once you pass the online training course you are eligible to take the in-class training Mircom provides.


Trainer Name: Ray Collins

Organizer Name: Ray Collins


Online first, then various locations.


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  • I am a new Mircom customer or;
  • I am an existing Mircom ESD and my customer # is
  • I agree to take the required online course prior to attending.
  • I agree to bring a laptop computer with the following specs;
    1. 1GHz CPU or better with at least 512 MB RAM
    2. 600 MB of available disk space
    3. Microsoft Windows XP SP3 or newer
    4. Available USB port for a WIBU CodeMeter security key
    5. Available COM port or USB adapter for uploading and downloading
  • I am familiar with the laptop that I'm bringing to class.

A remote mouse is HIGHLY recommended.