BACnet Fire Alarm Control Panel Interface

Stable, Reliable Integration of Fire Alarm Systems with Building Automation Systems

What Is BACnet?

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BACnet® stands for Building Automation and Control NETworks. It is an communications protocol designed to consolidate different building regulation systems to allow for collective monitoring and control through a single application.

BACnet became a standard in 1995. It came about due to the proliferation of computerized building systems from different manufacturers that could not operate with other manufacturer's products.

How It Works

The BACnet protocol works by adapting the internal data structures and messaging formats of different communication systems into a common, open messaging format based on ASHRAE SSPC 135.

Understanding BACnet OpenGN FleX-Net Intelligent Fire Alarm System

Mircom’s BACnet vendor id is #505. For a complete list of vendors supporting BACnet please visit

For more information on how BACnet works, please download this Powerpoint presentation Mircom's Jason Falbo gave at the 2012 SFPE Annual Meeting.

What Systems Support BACnet Interfaces?

Our Flex-Net intelligent fire alarm control panel is capable of interfacing with other systems that communicate through BACnet to provide centralized control and monitoring of a building’s various electrical and mechanical systems.

How to Connect A Fire Alarm System Using BACnet

The integration of different communication systems is accomplished through the use of "objects".

An object is defined as a collection of information related to a particular function that can be uniquely identified and accessed over a network in a standardized way.

The BACnet protocol represents all information using these object data structures. Each object is defined by a set of properties.

Flex-Net supports the following BACnet object types:

  • Binary Input
  • Binary Output
  • Analog Input
  • Analog Output
  • Multi-State Output
  • Life-Safety Point
  • Life-Safety Zone

Benefits of Using Our BACnet Based System

  • Stable, reliable interface of fire alarm and smoke management systems
  • Costs less to install
  • Easier to program
  • Easier to test
  • Easier to integrate with other systems

We Can Help You Interface Your Building Automation Systems

Contact Mircom today to get more information on how our BACnet based system can interface your fire alarm systems with your HVAC and other building automation systems.