TX3 InSuite

Smart Home & Condo Automation for Everyday Life

TX3 InSuite is a new platform for building and community services integrating video intercom, home automation and system integration for homes and condos.

Simplify your life by
creating a well-managed building.
Property managers can manage all occupants requests, forms, and information from one location; communication, security and property management all realized in one solution.
Property Manager
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Offer your customers an innovative & integrated solution.
A solution that solves all of your customers problems; while working to save them time and money
Dealer / Technician
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Comfort, confidence & convenience for your suite.
Occupants are empowered with the ability to make changes and requests from the comfort of their own space
Building Occupant
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Smart Home Automation System

The most versatile and full featured solution for multi-residential condominiums and homes.

The innovative touchscreen tablet is designed to send and receive audio and video signals, browse the internet, run other software applications and accept various hardware modules to integrate a variety of wireless devices.

The TX3 InSuite is 100% designed and manufactured by Mircom in Canada.

Smart Home Automation for Everyday Life.
o Video Intercom: surveillance, monitoring, access control o Home Automation: lighting, HVAC control, energy management o System Integration: parking, video surveillance, social media, mass notification, fire alarm annunciation
Smart Home Automation
Common questions about the
TX3 InSuite.
o How much does this product cost? Thank you for your interest in the TX3 InSuite. For more information on pricing for your project, please feel free to contact a Mircom security dealer (this should be a link to the contact us page) o Does using an energy management device really save me money on my electrical bill? Yes, 100%. An energy management device (service, program?) measures the energy that you are using and keeps a report for you to view as you consume energy. It also has the ability to work as a timer. When you enter or exit a room, leave the house or are inactive in a certain space for a period of time, your home will adjust accordingly. Therefore, you will not be using energy when it is not required. TX3 InSuite is programmable to adapt to your life. If you leave for work in at 9 a.m. and return at 5 p.m., your device can be set to ensure that all lights are off during those hours as well as lowering your heat or air conditioning to save you money. o Why should I use the TX3 InSuite vs. other products like it? Unlike other home automation tablets, the TX3 InSuite is designed to work for the user. Its simple interface along with multiple useful features, allow users to easily manage their homes with the click of the button. It is adaptable to many different vendors; therefore you are not locked into using only one.
TX3 InSuite touch station
Learn about simplifying your life
with the
TX3 InSuite.
TX3 InSuite home automation system