Why Mircom?

  • Code Compliant
  • Reliable, flexible
  • Cost effective
  • Clear, concise messaging
  • Advanced audio capabilities
  • Can see bypassed device status
  • Real-time emergency sequencing

Mass Notification Systems

Emergency Communication Solution that Reduces Risk, Protects Lives & Protects Property

Mass Notification

What Is Mass Notification?

Learn what mass notification is, the history of emergency communication codes, our explanation of NFPA Chapter 24 and how to get started determining your MNS needs.

Our ECS/MNS Solution

Go to our system page to learn about the products that make up our integrated emergency communication and mass notification system.

Why Use Mircom's MNS/ECS Solution?

  • Compliant - Unsurpassed code and standard compliance
  • Reliablity - Layered, modular delivery methods
  • Flexibility - Can handle different communication modalities
  • Open - Works with many other systems
  • Experienced - Have helped shape industry guidelines

Who Are You?

We understand that different people need different information about mass notification solutions. Select your best fit below.

  • Facility Manager
  • IT Manager
  • Human Resources Department
  • Consultants
  • Engineer of Record


Get more information about mass notification in your industry by clicking below.

  • University / College Campuses
  • Hospital / Municipal Buildings
  • Military / Barracks
  • Industry / Oil & Gas

Mircom has the experience and the complete solution to reliably protect your people and buildings.

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