FX-3500 Series

Intelligent Fire Alarm System


Mircom’s FX-3500 Series systems are powerful Intelligent Fire / Agent Release Control Units that are UL/ULC listed for fire alarm services, including releasing service.

The FX-3500 Series provides up to three intelligent Data Communication Links (DCLs) / Signaling Line Circuits (SLCs) that support a new AP protocol, which is faster and has capacity for up to 954 intelligent devices.

In addition, the FX-3500 Series has backward compatibility support for CLIP devices. The FX-3500 Series systems are recommended for both new and retrofit fire detection and/or special-hazard/critical-infrastructure suppression/special agent applications.

Capable of releasing up to six discrete physical hazard zones, the FX-3500 offers exceptional value for complex installations.

Elegant configuration options by onsite laptop, or when required by the Engineer of Record, by remote PC via modem, the FX-3500 can be operational with minimal set up time.

Programming versatility makes the FX-3500 Series the ideal choice for dependable fire detection, signaling and protection in industrial, commercial and institutional buildings.

Typically these environments require agent-based suppression solutions easily managed by the FX-3500 Intelligent Addressable Release Control Unit.

Features & Benefits

General Benefits

Intelligent addressable fire alarm with releasing control.

  • New fast AP protocol, extending number of devices on the loops, up to 954 (318 X3)
  • Panel supports both AP and CLIP protocol
  • Uses USB key for enhanced security
  • Utilizing cross-zoning or counting detection
  • Flush or Surface mountable with no additional hardware required
  • Utilizes the universal Mircom enclosure
  • The FX-3500 Series RCUs are fully expandable to meet the demanding requirements for mission critical facilities, both inside the high value asset areas and also in the office environments

Hardware Features

  • One onboard SLC/DCL communication circuit that supports up 318 addressable devices/points;
  • Expandable to three SLC/DCL communication circuits that supports up to 954 addressable devices/points;
  • Reliable and industry proven dedicated releasing power supply;
  • Six dedicated hazard zone LED indicators;
  • Convenient USB Programming port;
  • Built-in UDACT/DACT for remote monitoring;
  • Enhanced tactile response for operator interface;
  • 4 x 20 character Liquid Crystal Display (LCD);
  • Easy to read numerical keypad;
  • 10 Ampere (Amp.) Power Supply to satisfy typical releasing load requirements;
  • Four Class A/B Notification Appliance Circuits (NAC) rated at 1.5Amp. each;
  • SLC is capable of NFPA 72 Style 4, Style 6, or Style 7 wiring & ULC’s DCL-A & DCL-B;
  • Resettable auxiliary power supply;
  • Four easy to read status queues with selector switches and LEDs for Alarm, Supervisory, Trouble and Building Safety (Formerly Monitor) Input visual indications;
  • Supports up to seven remote annunciators;
  • Accessible multifunction RS-232 port for:
    • Audio Interface
    • Serial Communication interface
  • RS-485 Interface for remote LCD/LED Annunciators and other devices;
  • Optional City Tie/Polarity Reversal module for central station monitoring.
  • Cross-zoned or Counting Zone Smoke Detection programming to enable release by either counting active zone detection circuits or active cross-zoned detection circuits (includes options for single, double, triple and 2 different inputs counting zones)

Software and Operational Features

  • Audible alarm response within three seconds of activation in Advanced Protocol mode (when using AP devices only);
  • AP is a completely digital protocol;
  • AP is an Interrupt base protocol;
  • Individual LED Control;
  • Releasing capability for up to 6 Zones
  • Supports Pre-Action/Agent Release and Deluge Applications;
  • Supports up to 3 SLC loops and 954 points
  • Supports CLIP and AP System Sensor protocols;
  • Built-in strobe synchronization support for Mircom, Potter/Amseco, System Sensor, Gentex and Wheelock protocols;
  • Grouped inputs and outputs;
  • NACs can be configured as Silenceable or Non-Silenceable for both signals and strobes;
  • Group bypass with built-in false alarm prevention technology;
  • Zone Counting;
  • Built-in Drift Compensation for AP protocol;
  • Positive Alarm Sequence;
  • Configurable Signal Silence Inhibit, Auto Signal Silence, Two Stage Operation and One-Man Walk Test;
  • Relay contacts for Common Alarm, Auxiliary/Alarm (Disconnectable), Common Supervisory and Common Trouble;
  • Two event history logs comprised of a 400 event alarm log for alarm related events and a 400 event general log for all other events;

Mechanical Features

  • The FX-3500 supports both flush and surface mount applications;
  • Dimensions 26” x 14.5” x 4.2”
    66 cm x 36 cm x 11 cm
  • Modular display placement options;
  • Fits up to 2, 18 Ampere Hour batteries.
  • Durable CAT-30 lock and key.
  • Removable enclosure door.
  • Easy access to all modules for serviceability.

Additional Features

  • Compatible with INX-10A Addressable Intelligent NAC Expander Panel.
  • Supports Acclimate smoke detection sensors.

Parts of the FX-3500 System

Support / Literature

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Documents and Downloads

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Sell Sheets



Control Units

PDF LT-1083 - FX-3500 Installation Manual

PDF LT-1083RCU - FX-3500RCU Installation Manual

PDF LT-1091 - FX-3500 Releasing Guide

PDF LT-1148 - FX-3500 Configurator Manual

Intelligent Devices

PDF I56-3313 MIX-5251AP-RAP-HAP - Intelligent Heat Detectors Installation Instructions (UL)

PDF I56-3321 MIX-5251APA-RAPA-HAPA - Intelligent Heat Detectors Installation Instructions (ULC)

PDF MIX-1251AP Ionization Smoke Detector Installation Instructions (UL)

PDF MIX-1251APA Ionization Smoke Detector Installation Instructions (ULC)

PDF MIX-2251AP/TAP/TMAP Intelligent Photoelectric Smoke Detectors Installation Instructions (UL)

PDF MIX-2251APA/TAPA/TMAPA Intelligent Photoelectric Smoke Detectors Installation Instructions (ULC)

PDF LT-899_INX-10A - Intelligent NAC Expander - Installation and Operation Manual

Remote Annunciators

PDF LT-617 RA-1000 - Installation and Wiring Manual

PDF LT-1093 RAM-3500-LCD - Installation Manual

PDF LT-1149 RAX-LCD-LITE - Installation Manual


PDF LT-1001 SRM-312 Adder Module - Installation and Operation Manual

PDF MIX-M500MAP Intelligent Monitor Module Installation Instructions (UL)

PDF MIX-M500MAPA Intelligent Monitor Module Installation Instructions (ULC)

PDF MIX-M500RAP Intelligent Relay Module Installation Instructions (UL)

PDF MIX-M500RAPA Intelligent Relay Module Installation Instructions (ULC)

PDF MIX-M500SAP Intelligent Supervised Control Module Installation Instructions (UL)

PDF MIX-M500SAPA Intelligent Supervised Control Module Installation Instructions (ULC)

PDF MIX-M501MAP Intelligent Mini Monitor Module Installation Instructions (UL)

PDF MIX-M501MAPA Intelligent Mini Monitor Module Installation Instructions (ULC)

PDF MIX-M502MAP Intelligent Zone Interface Module Installation Instructions (UL)

PDF MIX-M502MAPA Intelligent Zone Interface Module Installation Instructions (ULC)


Product Drawings

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